Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Made two pies today. I brought both to my parents' house, so that I could get an array of reviews from my sisters and parents. The first is a strawberry-rhubarb with a crumble topping. The second is a chocolate silk pie.

The first got rave reviews, and was so easy to make. I used frozen fruit, though, both rubarb and strawberry, but drained it first. Next time, I'll try it with fresh, and see if it is even better, but I had no complaints or suggestions from the family, aside from perhaps changing the ratio of rhubarb to strawberry to include more rhubarb.

The chocolate silk pie wasn't worth the trouble it took to make it, in my opinion. I HATE DOUBLE BOILERS. It didn't set up as well as I wanted it to, and it was hot and a pain. It will be awhile before I attempt it again, I think.

Next up on my pie-making journey: conquering the pie crust. I still don't make my own. Whether I'm lazy or just really bad at it, we've yet to find out.

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Randi said...

Hey, welcome to Blogger. Try the black bottom pie from epicurious.com. Its fabulous. So is the bing cherry crumb pie I made.